Unified Legal Workspace

Draft Quickly, Collaborate Securely and Sign Legal Agreements in a Cloud Environment

No More Bottlenecks

As a Lawyer, your time is extremely valuable. Tools should be there to amplify your workflow. Not to slow you down. Nomio allows you to work as fast as you think.

Seamless Editing

Nomio's unique architecture allows you to manipulate your documents in the most simple and intuitive way possible. Rather than require Lawyers to adapt to how computers think, we have found a way to adapt computers to how Lawyers think.

Import and Verify

Import your library of Word documents with a click. Nomio will auto-format them and tell you about any errors it found.

Set and Forget

Configure your company-wide house style in one page. Nomio will take care of the rest. In fact, Nomio will automatically format every single aspect of your documents as you work.

Powerful Templates

Although a significant part of your work will be bespoke, a significant part will also involve repetition. Nomio's template framework lets you minimise unnecessary work so that you can focus on the work that matters.

Easy to Use

We don't blind you with 50 different icons and menu options. You can pick up our system in a matter of minutes.

Collaborate in One Place

No more emails flying backwards and forwards. Collaborate with team members and stakeholders from within Nomio, right beside your Legal Documents. Retain a full conversation history so that all decisions can be tracked.

Complete Audit History

Log every action taken by each user without having to duplicate files and manually combine changes. Nomio brings a new form of version control to the Law.

Protect Your Reputation

Sub-standard workflows and processes should never be the determining factor behind your clients' experience or the industry's view of your capabilities. Stay ahead of the curve with technology built for the modern era.

Smart References

Nomio auto-detects cross-references and updates them as you reorganise your documents. It will also warn you of any circular dependencies and non-existent references.

Blazingly Fast

Nothing kills productivity like the pain of a slow application. We use advanced optimisation techniques and best-in-class hardware to load and manipulate documents before you can blink.


Unlike traditional formats like Word and PDF, Nomio's data is highly structured all the way down to individual clauses. This unlocks potential usually only available to expensive and opaque machine-learning providers.

Impossibly Secure

Rather than impose fragile processes on users, the information security requirements of today and the future are deeply integrated into Nomio. We make it virtually impossible to commit data breaches with granular permissions, authentication, and encrypted traffic.
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