Atomic Contracts

Turn Your Contracts Into Data

Nomio's technology transforms your signed legal contracts into an intelligent format specifically designed for complex documents. This lets you explore, query, and interact with your contract data with the power of a structured database.


Nomio started in early 2019 under the simple premise that the true source of avoidable problems with contracts is not a lack of tools, but fragmentation of these tools and your data. The reason for this is that the common interface through which today's workflow speaks is Word, PDF, Email and Paper.

In an increasingly data-driven commercial environment, this is no longer good enough. In addition to being stored digitally, contracts must be represented in a machine-friendly way. Fix the data and so many problems cease to exist.

This is a view shared by our Angel Investors, all of whom are founders of successful enterprise software companies:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Nomio a Contract Management System?

    No. Contract Management Systems are often a symptom of a deeper problem in contract technology. Due to the lack of structure and intelligence in existing data formats (such as Word and PDF), vendors have had to take a "walled garden" approach that requires building the entire contracting pipeline in one package.

    Each company has its own set of complex legal problems, and shoehorning each of these into one specific vendors' idea of a solution means that you are likely to pay for products that do not work or scale in the way that you need them to, or you may be paying for multiple components that you have little need for.

    By atomising the data in your contracts, we are compatible with any existing tools that you use. Our approach is to use our unique expertise and our Data Architecture to solve very specific problems incredibly well rather than diluting our efforts across several problems at once. This truly is how contract workflows will work in the near future: tools that can talk to each other have no need to do everything themselves.

  • What types of contract can you process?

    We can process any legitimate contract, as long as you have it in digital form. This includes Word, PDF, an image/scan, or any other open format.

  • How can I try Nomio?

    Let us know you're interested here.

    Alternatively, send us an email at We'll get back to you ASAP!

  • Are you Lawyers?

    No. We are hardcore software and data engineers. Although we are operating in a legal domain, the problem is fundamentally one of organising, shaping, and manipulating information. Here we must operate from first principles, not existing precedent.

    However, even the greatest technology is useless if it does not work seamlessly for its primary users. From the very start of product development we have been collaborating with industry experts to iterate towards cutting-edge solutions to real problems.